Global Entertainment In The 21st Century

Global Entertainment In The 21st Century is a comprehensive eBook (POD) set to publish Summer 2014.  Well researched and documented, the book explores the convergence of entertainment and technology on a global scale and redefines the question, “What is entertainment?”

Contrary to expectations, the entertainment spectrum covers far more than movies, music and books.  It includes:  Global entertainment capitals, entertainment technology, theater, dance, performing arts, immersive entertainment, full dome, theme parks, games, fairs, leisure, recreation, zoos, amusement, toys, carnivals, fairs, circus, museums, mass media, transmedia, parades, comics, fashion, hobbies, holidays, culture, adult, pastimes, subcultures, tourism, ship cruises, sports and even politics and religion (ceremonies, events, rituals).  In fact, many websites are forms of entertainment, if not the Internet as a whole.

In conjunction with the publication of Global Entertainment In The 21st Century will be the launch of the Entertainment Cyberscope (, a portal and blog for all things behind-the-scenes in entertainment.

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